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Percy Makofane has huge ambitions – to be finance minister


Saiba member Percy Makofane BAP (SA) has had to battle more than his fair share of misfortune. He grew up in a single parent household, raised by his mother, until tragedy struck when she passed away.

Percy’s grandmother took over the parenting duties, with extended family chipping in. Percy matriculated with four distinctions and knew from a young age that he wanted to be an accountant. There was no question about that.

He enrolled with Damelin College and studied BCom accounting, without realising that his studies would not be credited by any university. Undeterred, Percy then enrolled with Unisa where he started again with his BCom accounting degree, this time finishing up his studies at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Given the deprived circumstances in which he found himself, he started working while still a student, but that was a blessing in disguise: it gave him a drive to success, and to develop his natural entrepreneurial skills. In 2017 he registered a company and set off on his own. By this time he had garnered enough experience from his previous jobs, including being a senior accounts manager at an international company, Body20 Global.

But starting off on his own was anything but easy.

“Starting a business is not easy, with no funding and having small business funding institutions asking for documents that a small business does not have is very difficult. But I was dedicated, I persevered and kept the faith. I am glad to say that my practice is growing and I am happy with where I am and where I am headed,” he says.

What motivated him to start his own business was a drive to share his expertise and knowledge in accounting. His position at Body20 Global gave him some unique insights into business: he ended up working with a lot of small franchises and saw the kinds of difficulties they ran into. This was where he decided to market himself, as well as to individuals and other small businesses.

“I have over 10 years’ experience in different fields as an accountant. I have worked in fast consumer moving goods, construction, academia, lecturing, security, banking, franchise and politics. I can gladly say that I am an expert in my field of work.”

Venturing into politics

Makofane said that he was motivated to venture into politics to provide support for entrepreneurs – one group that receive little to no love from government. “I want to have an impact in the system design because finance is the backbone of good governance,” he explains.

He intends to bring change to the finance ministry, and plans a full move into politics at some point in the future, and has his eye set on the Minister of Finance or Reserve Bank Governor role.

“I am also planning to study law to incorporate into accounting, I want to offer legal services to my clients and making my practice different from the rest. I want to bring change into the industry, grow my practice and even branch outside South Africa into other SADC countries.”                

What have you gained from being a member of Saiba?

Says Percy: “I am glad that I have seen Saiba developing and progressing throughout the years. It is a body that is accommodating for micro-practices and it allows its clients to grow at the same pace as it grows. Saiba cares about its members and they make sure to include all members in everything, adding more value to members and touching on what small practices need and lack.”

Outside his professional world, Percy is a family man. “I create time for my family, always make sure that I balance business time and family time. I am blessed with a beautiful family, my fiancé and daughter. I like exploring and spending valuable time with them.”