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Problematic employees and how to deal with them


In order for a workplace to run successfully it is important to know the employees and where their strengths lie. Confidence is important to have in a work place but not if it comes off as arrogance.

Make sure to note which one of your employees may cause problems with their fellow colleagues. A know-it-all employee could stunt growth in a workplace if they think their ideas are superior and are shooting down the ideas of others. This could be detrimental to the office morale.

Innovation could be among the things that will be affected by arrogant employees due fellow employees being afraid to mention their ideas in an environment where they risk harsh criticism. Fresh ideas are important in a work place and could improve your business, therefore it is important to make sure that it is a comfortable environment where all employees feel like they can share their innovative ideas.

Know-it-all employees are usually dealing with insecurities despite their confident front. They easily get isolated by the other employees which further cause a separation in the workplace. In order to allow these employees to realize their behavior here are a few tips to try:

It is important to correct their behavior in a constructive manner by being clear about what they are doing wrong and why it is wrong. Challenge their claims and find out where they got their information from without shaming them in the process.

Let them sit in the driver seat in brainstorming sessions and instruct them to ensure it runs smoothly, this will force them to listen to what other employees have to say rather than being quick to force their own ideas.

Let their confidence be used to your advantage. These kinds of people usually have a strong will which may be best at pitching ideas to upper management and their salesmanship can be used to your advantage.

Ensure that you identify and control these types of employees before they cause problems in a workplace. Place them where they will best benefit the company but ensure that they know when they are displaying problematic behavior.