Qatar and UAE best for relocating accountants


Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) came out tops in a recent survey as the best countries to advance your career in accountancy.

According to a research study by as many as eight in 10 accountants would consider working in another country to advance their careers, but the organisation also advises accountants to choose their destination carefully. “It is worth remembering that moving to a different location will often mean very different business practices and adapting to a culture very different from what you are used to. While there may be tax advantages, the cost of living could be considerably higher too.”

With this in mind, Qatar and the UAE were identified as the best countries for accountants to consider due to the huge economic growth over the past few years in these regions. The countries have suffered due to the financial crisis, but with plans underway for the Fifa World Cup in Qatar in 2022, and Dubai hosting the World Expo in 2020, these destinations are bound to get busier.

“As the economy gains momentum and an increasing number of companies move to Qatar, there are even more finance and accountancy positions. In Dubai, while not quite experiencing the heady pace of 2007, there are now a large number of jobs for all industries and a lot of need for auditors this year,” says Simon Wright, operations director at

Second on the list of top countries for accountants is New York, “one of the perennial hotspots for accountants,” having stolen the crown as the financial capital centre of the world from London.

Other countries that made the list are Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong, Germany and the Channel Islands.