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Rita Schoeman helps accountants deal with stress


Rita Schoeman overcame her own stress as a professional accountant, and is now using the lessons she learned to help others.

It was a voyage of discovery, and Rita understands the unique stresses afflicting accountants.

It’s no secret that the accounting and finance industry is a fast-paced environment that can and people in that space sometimes find it hard to deal with everything around them.  Rita was an accountant at Edcon and battled with stress. She then stumbled across a way to master the stress and anxiety of her daily job. It is called the HeartMath Resilience Advantage Programme.

Over a six-week period, Rita went through six stages of identifying and getting rid of her stress:

  • Noticing her stressors
  • Shifting her focus
  • Aligning for optimal function
  • Awakening of creativity
  • Increasing & Sustaining
  • Living from a new-baseline

Because Rita had passion for the finance and accounting field, she decided to continue in the field – but in an entirely different direction.

“I have so much love and passion for the field and I decided to bring the HeartMath Resilience Advantage programme in hope to build resilience and make the lives of these professionals easy. Having to work in a deadline-driven environment where you cannot make mistakes is very difficult and that creates anxiety which causes energy drainage.

Rita says that the programme uses science-based techniques to learn to change the way your body’s physiology responds in stressful situations and no medication is needed.

“From the beginning of the lockdown, many entrepreneurs experienced a downward spiral in their businesses, resulting in financial difficulties. An increase in the demand for the programme started. Also, a survey I conducted proved that there was an increase in anxiety and work-related stressors amongst accountants.”

Rita noticed that her intervention was working and accountants were better able to deal with their stresses and insecurities.

Rita says she has since enjoyed working with accountants and has since established the environment as a target market and for her services and continues to bring positive change, awareness and stress relief to accountants.