SAIBA and AMAX SA investing in practice development

Gerhard Stols

Gerhard Stols is the Managing Director at AmaxSA a firm of auditors. His company has grown from 8 employees to 70 employees in the last 5 years.

Gerhard is passionate about advising entrepreneurs and growing financial services firms.  Gerhard and his team maintains the SAIBA Technical Support services.

The SAIBA technical resource centre is open to all paid up SAIBA members. For only R360 p.a. for SAIBA membership you gain access to the full SAIBA technical support function supported by AMAXSA, a firm of auditors registered with IRBA.

This includes

  • 1 Practice management webinar per month
  • 1 Technical update webinar per month
  • Email support for general technical queries
  • BBBEE Verification Agent for SAIBA firms

Practice management

Each month, he will take a detailed look at a particular aspect of running a successful accountancy practice and will give you practical tips and guidance on steps that you can take immediately to improve your employees’ and your practice’s performance.Gerhard Stols will share his insights into how to create, manage and maintain a successful accounting practice. He has more than 15 years experience and have grown his firm to employ more than 70 staff and thousands of clients.

Technical update

The provides a review of technical developments affecting accounting firms and include discussions on operational problems with filing (SARS, CIPC), legislation updates, and general standards.

Email support 

Practitioners sometimes struggle with obtaining the right guidance related to a techncial issue. The email support provides a discussion platform to submit an issue to If his team are familiar with the issue they will be able to guide you to an answer.

BBBEE Verification Agent for SAIBA firms

AMAX SA is a registered IRBA verification agent. SAIBA and AMAX SA has signed an agreement that will allow SAIBA members to outsource their BBBEE verification services to AMAX SA. The client remains that of the SAIBA members but the service is performed by AMAX SA. Request for this services can be submitted to

Not yet a SAIBA members then join today to gain access to the technical support services. Membership available from R360 p.a. Designations from R3750 p.a. – click here.

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