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Saiba welcomes the class intake of 2021 to the U2Pro Programme


Saiba and SA Accounting Academy (SAAA) have once again joined forces to offer 75 students a chance to make a career in the accounting profession.

Once again, the funds were provided by Fasset (Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority). Previously, Fasset provided funding for the training of 50 accounting hopefuls, with the technical training delivered by Saiba and SAAA.

This time, 75 students were in line for the chance at a career in accounting, trained by the very best South Africa has to offer.

These 75 students were drawn from a pool of thousands after the call for applications was sent out at the beginning of July 2021. There was great excitement among the trainees as they prepare to launch their careers as Saiba-designated accountants.

Welcome to the programme

On Tuesday, 27 July 2021, the students attended an orientation session, preparing them for the journey ahead. The orientation panel featured Saiba CEO, Nicolaas van Wyk, and SAAA director, Rob Murray.

Tania Lee, Saiba’s project manager, kicked off proceedings by highlighting the impact that the Covid pandemic and the recent lootings in Gauteng and Kwazulu-Natal might have on students. Regardless of their circumstances, she reminded students of the importance of gratitude and self-awareness. It was important, she said, to be kind and try to make a difference during the programme. “We had 50 leaners who paved the way for you, and they took advantage of the resources that were at their disposal; 99% of these students came out as BA(SA) designation holders. This year we are hoping that all 75 of you will walk away with the designation.”

Van Wyk followed with a brief history of Saiba. He highlighted the duty that awaits these trainee accountants and the critical role they play in fostering the growth of companies and the broader economy. These trainees now had an opportunity to join the robust Saiba family where their careers could take flight. Van Wyk explained the different professional designations available within Saiba, culminating in the gold standard for accountants – the Certified Financial Officer or CFO (SA) designation.

“You will come across a lot of challenges, but they are there to test you. You have to bust open doors and bring light. That is how you succeed,” said van Wyk.

Trainees are prepped for what lies ahead

The trainees were then taken through the schedule for the 12 months training period, including the soft skills content, technical training content, and they were given the run-down on what skills they would acquire over the next year. They were then introduced to their mentors from SAAA.   

The trainees get access to a mentoring and support programmes to assist them with their career development. They will also get to interact with their course facilitators.

It is a highly personalised, interactive and world-leading programme that they are about to embark upon.

Saiba also provides these trainees with access to the recently-launched U2Pro Learner Management System (LMS), on online course content programme that makes it possible for them to study without physical contact classes. Given the current lockdown restrictions, the LMS ensures trainees can advance their studies without delay.

Words of encouragement from past graduates

Two graduates from the previous intake shared their experiences.

Rolivhuwa Nevhulaudzi: “I am fortunate and thankful to have been part of the programme. The soft skills I learned helped me develop myself. I was more confident in interviews, learned how to communicate in the workplace and the practicality of the programme made a difference in my career. The BA(SA) designation holds so much weight that whatever occupation I apply for, I automatically get more recognition and a bigger salary scale than anyone without the designation in the same position. I have also registered my bookkeeping company.”

Adelaide Bilankulu: “My background involved a lot of sacrifice from my mother. I faced unemployment after two contracts. I was studying towards an advanced diploma in accounting, the opportunity came at a time where I was depressed and had lost hope. I had had a boost in self-confidence and communication due to the skills from the programme. I also secured a permanent position at one of South Africa’s leading banks. This was made possible by the training that I received from the programme because I was well-skilled and delivered great results in all my duties.”

Saiba and SAAA wish the trainees the very best for the 12 months ahead. Both Saiba and SAAA are fully committed to ensuring all trainees fully complete the programme and achieve Saiba designations, thereby opening the door to a bright and unlimited future.