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Saiba’s Kefilwe Mabua always had love of numbers (and fashion)


She’s ambitious, hard-working and goal-driven. Saiba’s CPD compliance officer Kefilwe Mabua manifested a love of numbers and accounting from an early age.

She grew up and attended school in Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria. From an early age, she loved working with money and helped to sell flavoured ice blocks. Her other passion was fashion.

After matriculating, she moved to Johannesburg to study at University of Johannesburg to pursue her passion for numbers and study accounting. Kefilwe completed her national diploma at the University of Johannesburg and started working at Standard Bank. She then took up a position at Guarantee Trust, which offers work-readiness programmes for trainee accountants, and that set her up for the next move in her career in 2015 to Saiba,

She started at Saiba as a data capturer and worked her way through the ranks to CPD compliance officer – a highly demanding position, especially in a professional organisation that is expected to set the standard for its 9,000-plus members.

In her time at Saiba she has occupied quite a few positions such as debt collection, member events, business consultant and now, CPD compliance officer.

Her position is dedicated to assisting members with advice on how they can upskill themselves via Saiba Academy to improve their business and service to their clients.

“From the beginning, there was room for me to grow, learn new skills and polish my existing ones because there is always room for improvement. That is what I love about working at Saiba,”she says.

Most difficult member experience

All relations come with hurdles and Kefilwe had one she recalls vividly: “One member once cursed me and said very hurtful words that I cannot mention. But we learn and grow from that, although it hurt at the time.”

Best services offered by Saiba

“The best service that I believe Saiba offers is the CPD subscription, mainly because it helps you stay relevant and upskill yourself constantly. Previously, we outsourced of CPD subscription but now it is inhouse and all members can access it via Saiba Academy.”

Life outside work

Kefilwe is a wife and mother of two beautiful and intelligent children as she describes them. She enjoys mothering, and regularly visits her children who are based in Zeerust, in North West Province. She is also a fitness fanatic, and is all about positivity and growth.

“I am a happy person and always in the pursuit of happiness. I am goal-driven, and I am always looking to improve and be a better version of myself. I want to be a better mother, wife employee, and bring positivity to others as well.”

Kefilwe wants to pursue her childhood passion in fashion designing, “I still want to do fashion and I am looking to enrol for a course in fashion designing because that has always been one of my goals.”