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The 49th CFO World Congress in Italy is around the corner


The world’s largest event for CFOs is being held over two days in Matera, Italy, in October and this year will host a strong contingent from SA. For film buffs, Matera – known as the European cultural capital – will feature heavily in the upcoming James Bond movie. It truly is a beautiful city.

Matera in Italy will host the October CFO World Congress

Why is this event so important for CFOs and finance executives?

“CFOs worldwide are in the news for the wrong reasons and the conference provides and avenue to win back some lost ground,” says Nicolaas van Wyk, CEO of the SA Institute of Business Accountants (Saiba).

Indeed, the audit profession appears to have lost its way as we are confronted with new scandals virtually every week. See here and here. It’s time for some self-reflection and the Congress provides an opportunity to recalibrate the role of the CFO and finance executive as truth teller and enabler of growth and expansion.

The CFO World Congress is held annually by the International Association of Financial Executives Institutes (IAFEI), and will this year be held in Europe’s cultural capital, the unique and spectacular Matera, Italy.

This year’s themes focus on three key points:

  • looking ahead in a holistic view of the enterprise in a changing world;
  • learning from our cultural heritage, basic value and forward guidance for the shifts in business and growth models;
  • and leading us to how to successfully evolve from the Today Enterprise to the one of Tomorrow.

The two-day congress on October 25-26, 2019 brings together financial leaders and professionals from all over the world. International speakers representing various sectors will present and discuss topics varying from world economic outlook, the evolving digital culture, organisational innovation and trends, human resources, globalisation, environmental, social and governance concerns, to roundtable discussions like the One Belt One Road initiative – arguably the most audacious business and infrastructural development in history.

Congress participants will share viewpoints from China and the Far East, juxtaposed with Italy and Northern Europe.

Some of the other themes to be covered include:

The emergence of Smart Cities and their impact on the quality of life for citizens and opportunities created for business and economic expansion;

Culture and contamination: the marriage of young and old in building the enterprise of the future, featuring an interview with Alessio Lorusso, founder and CEO of Roboze, which builds 3D printers for large industrial manufacturers like GE and Airbus. Alessio is listed as one of Forbes’ Under 30 super-stars.

Business culture and organisational innovation – who is shaping the future of the organisation?

Small and medium enterprises and human resources in the era of the globalisation: how to enhance them through the management of knowledge.

Digital culture: how it is changing out behaviour, our possibilities and our work, and what this means for our culture as technology evolves at an accelerated pace?

A program born in Brazil to promote growth social, economic and cultural development of the territories, which demonstrated that it is possible to protect biodiversity while building technologically advanced and sustainable organisations.

Who will attend?

CFOs from more than 11 countries will attend such as:

Eduardo V. Francisco: President of BDO Capital & Investment Corporation.

Juan Alfredo Ortega: Fin & Ops Vice President Latin America – McGraw Hill.

Nicolaas van Wyk: CEO of SAIBA.

Anastasios Rodopoulos: Group CFO, MAMIDOIL-JETOIL SA.

Saiful Haq Manan: President Director of SOE PT PPA.

Hiroaki Endo: Vice president of T. Rowe Price Group, Inc.

Gabriele Fontanesi: CFO Starwood Hotels (retired)

Linda de Beer: Member Investor Advisory Group PCAOB

Pieter de Jager: CFO Tanga Cement 

Conchita Manabat: Director Philippine Dealing System Holdings Corp.

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