The end of accountants?


Clients may find online accounting packages very useful as it enables them to do some of their own accounting themselves. For people in the profession, it creates another set of problems altogether.

The Accounting Practitioner, a regular contributor to Accountancy Age, fears that these programmes will eventually cut out the middle man – the accountant. “Whichever way I look at it, it seems like our fees for accounts preparation are going to be driven down more and more, until such time as (the accounting software developers) Sage or Xero then start doing online filing from within their software, and throw in a free tax return to boot!”

He argues that giving clients greater access to their numbers is one thing, but it can change the quality of the information that is given to clients at the year end?

This is one practitioner that prefers the mess contained in the carrier bag of receipts and coffee-stained bank statements to sorting out mispostings online.

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