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Become a tax professional – Saiba will get you there


Saiba has laid the groundwork for members to receive all the tax support they need to become Licensed Tax Practitioners.

As previously outlined in Accounting Weekly, Saiba members are now able to become Licensed Tax Practitioners since Saiba received recognition as a Recognised Control Body (RCB) from the South African Revenue Services (Sars).

The response from Saiba members has been huge, but a common question many are asking is: how do I get tax support that I can bank? The answer is that Saiba provides this support.

That problem has been solved with the partnership recently signed between Saiba and Konsise, which provides an astonishingly easy-to-use online Tax Knowledge Centre. The Centre gives tax support to qualified and licensed Saiba tax practitioners, and this is a service not available anywhere else.

Says Saiba CEO Nicolaas van Wyk: “The ability to include or provide tax services to clients is a fundamental part of our competitive advantage as a professional body. We have gone the extra mile to make this as simple and achievable as possible for our members. Becoming a Licensed Tax Practitioner requires a professional designation plus additional tax experience. This is a great opportunity for Saiba members to earn additional revenue as tax practitioners. The partnership we have concluded with Konsise is a tremendous time-saver for our members and the beauty of it is it costs nothing if you are a Licensed Tax Practitioner.”

2,600 professional tax opinions available online

The Tax Knowledge Centre includes more than 2,600 tax opinions drafted by tax professionals covering the most frequently asked tax questions. Says Konsise MD Tertia Barrett. ”This makes it possible for Saiba members to cover a huge amount of tax ground in a relatively short period of time. We cut right to the heart of the matter by offering our subscribers an extremely broad range of tax opinions covering 95% of the tax issues you are likely to come across.”

Tertia Barret, of Konsise

If you cannot find the opinion you are looking for from the 2,600-plus opinions on the Tax Knowledge Centre, you can open a “ticket” with Konsise and receive a personalised reply back with days. There is an additional charge for the ticketing functionality.

And the good news is that the subscription fees for this service are covered by Saiba for all Saiba-licensed tax professionals (this does not include the ticketing functionality).

Adds Christo Theron, formerly a partner with a Big Four accounting firm and now the key contributor to Tax Knowledge Centre: “This is the future of tax consulting. As a tax professional, your clients are often going to come up with an odd tax query. You can have the answer for them in less than a minute. The search facility is fast, and precise. You can download that opinion and white label it as your own, or you can include it in a report of your own construction, or you can simply pass it along. Either way, you have the very best tax opinions you can get, bearing in mind that large companies are paying tax practitioners exorbitant sums for something we can provide in seconds.”

Benefits for Saiba members

Here are some of the benefits for Saiba members:

  • Access to 2,600 articles on the most frequently asked questions on tax
  • Easy and fast search functionality
  • Each tax opinion is written by a master tax practitioner and the database is updated monthly with new opinions and articles based on current topics
  • Konsise Tax Knowledge Centre is designed to help Saiba Licensed Tax Practitioners to maintain the highest standards of professional excellence
  • To ensure your knowledge is up-to-date, the service includes monthly online CPD case studies an assessments, accredited by Saiba
  • More than 20 of the largest companies in SA are using the Konsise platform in order to get access to its unrivalled Tax Knowledge Centre.

How to start

Once you received your Saiba Licensed Tax Practitioner status, you will receive an email from Konsise with your username and password.

Make a start by signing up with Saiba here.