UK tax activists protest against PwC


Activists from the Tax Justice Network and Methodists for Tax Justice held a protest outside the London offices of Price Waterhouse Coopers on Wednesday, saying that over the past few years PwC has revealed itself to be a particularly big player in the world of tax avoidance.

This is according to an article on

It says the Luxleaks scandal showed the company to be providers of tax avoidance schemes to large firms on an industrial scale.

According to the article, evidence the UK Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee heard about PwC’s practices include that the committee received evidence from a former senior PwC employee stating that within the firm the policy was that it would sell a tax avoidance scheme which had only a 25% chance of withstanding a legal challenge, thus offering schemes to their clients, knowing there is a 75% risk of it then being deemed unlawful.

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