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Unisa postgrad accounting students relieved after applications approved


A group of Unisa accounting students whose applications were in limbo can finally sleep easy now that they’ve been accepted.

Last week, several postgraduate accounting students told EWN that their applications for the Certificate in the Theory of Accounting programme were rejected or pending because it was already full.

The problem stemmed from the Department of Higher Education and Training’s enrolment management plan, which places a limit on the number of students allowed in a course.

Unisa first told dozens of students like Faaiza Hanees, who passed level one of the CTA programme, that level two of the course was full.

Hanees was anxious, as this delayed her journey to becoming a chartered accountant.

Now Unisa has done an about-turn, approving the applications of students like Hanees.

“There were no apologies, there was no feedback from Unisa, just a letter to say management has taken a decision that all students will be given space. But you know what, we take it for what it is – a win is a win.”

Another student Shilpa Parshotam is thrilled after hearing she’s been accepted.

“Considering it’s our last year, we are so determined just to finish off. I think this whole experience has just motivated us even more.”

Unisa management has sent an email to the CTA students saying the applications of all those who had trouble registering due to space limitation are being processed.