Use your website to meet new clients


Small business owners are aware of the marketing benefits a website offers, but if the first impression is poor the benefits are lost. Business Zone has identified 13 common errors that SME’s should avoid if they want to harness the full benefits of their websites.

First and foremost, a successful website should focus more on what the users truly want and need, not what the business owner think they need. To solve this problem, the website should focus on the customer problem your business is trying to solve, not the product you are offering.

For example most businesses would say something like: Offering excellent cleaning services at competitive rates. But according to Business Zone, what it should be saying is, is: Keep your house clean and tidy without spending a fortune.

Amongst the top three mistakes are:

  1. Not making your website responsive by making it compatible with other mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on a huge number of potential customers, particularly if selling online is your main business.
  2. Making it hard to be contacted. The first thing you should add is a “contact us” link in the primary navigation and listing as many ways to get in touch as you can.
  3. Designing a website to look cool rather than for function. It must be easy for visitors to find what they want and content should be signposted clearly so that users know where to click.

It is also important to make the navigation options concise and obvious to allow users to find their way around easily. According to Business Zone most users will leave a webpage if they can’t find what they are looking for in more than three clicks.

For the full list of common mistakes and how to avoid them, go to:

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