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We’re the rebel accountants – Nadine Chetty


“Why did I choose Saiba (the SA Institute of Business Accountants)? Because we are the rebels of the accounting world,” Nadine Chetty told a briefing of Saiba members this morning in Pretoria aimed at introducing them to the Quickbooks suite of products.

“Saiba is the coolest accounting body out there. It fights for our rights as accountants and understands the need for technology as a way to improve our professional standing.”

Nadine Chetty addressing a briefing Saiba members in Pretoria

Chetty pointed out that Saiba has developed relationships with different governing bodies and given a voice to accountants in business practice. What also sets it apart is its Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes, which are “the about best that are out there,” she said. The ability to attend live seminars or watch webinars after hours and still earn CPD points is an additional bonus for busy accountants.

These are challenging times for accountants in practice, what with constantly changing tax rules, accounting standards and corporate regulatory requirements. Saiba had opened up new revenue streams for its members by offering licences in more than a dozen fields, from immigration to independent reviews, and accounting officer services to schools and non-profit organisations, to name a few.

What has also set the organisation apart from others is its entrepreneurial approach to accounting through partnerships with organisations such as the SA Accounting Academy (SAAA), Draftworx and Quickbooks.

Chetty said she never envisioned she would be the owner of her own accounting practice at age 26. Explaining shy she decided to switch her clients to Quickbooks Online Accountant, Chetty says she previously operated Excel and Pastel Partner, but then settled on Quickbooks because “capturing became a breeze and VAT compilations no longer took an entire day. This saved us time and allowed us to grow our client base.”

She says her choice of Quickbooks Online Accounting was a no-brainer. “We had a break-in at our business and all our laptops were stolen. Because Quickbooks securely stores all our client information in the Cloud, we were able to pick up immediately where we left off. If that information was not in the Cloud, we would have to start again from scratch to capture and process client information.”

Other Quickbook features that stand out for Chetty are:

  • An online match-making database that allows new potential clients to see who you are and how you are rated by existing clients
  • A single place to store all client information
  • A free Quickbooks account for the accounting firm (which encourages firms to become more familiar with the software)
  • Billing reminders to help manage cash flow
  • The ability to access the software from a smart phone
  • The ability to automatically send invoices, statements and reports – even from your phone
  • The ability to take photos of expenses with your phone and upload it to the system (avoiding duplicate capturing)
  • Excellent online tutorials and a highly intuitive software layout.