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Who serves you? Meet Jarrod Victor, Saiba personal portfolio consultant


In August 2020 Saiba started the ‘meet a member’ profiling project to introduce members to each other and share their experiences.

In the same vein, Saiba decided to profile its staff members so you can learn a little more about the people you may only know from the phone or from our regular networking events. Accounting Weekly will conduct a series of staff profiles to introduce you to Saiba staff and board members, as well as sponsors.

This week Accounting Weekly sat with personal portfolio consultant (PPC), Jarrod Victor.

Jarrod Victor, Saiba personal portfolio consultant

Background and experience

Jarrod was born in Nigel and grew up in Springs on the East Rand. After completing high school, he started training as an electrician but quickly realised this was not what he wanted to do with his life. “I would get electrocuted on regular basis and I saw that this is not for me, so I decided to try other careers,” he jokes.  

Jarrod started working as a sales person in the insurance industry for several years, and then moved to marketing. He was introduced to Saiba while working at the SA Accounting Academy and joined the Saiba family in March 2020.

A typical day as a PPC

Jarrod is a PPC who is responsible for interacting with members, handling their queries and updating them on developments that affect their careers as professional accountants.

“Currently I work a lot with emails, and at a minimum I make about 25 calls a day to members. I throw in a joke here and there just to break the ice. I spend over 15 minutes with each member because I want them to understand what I am saying. At the end of the call I want them to be satisfied with our conversation without any confusion or overload of information.”

How is it to work from home?

“I really enjoy working from home because I start the day clear minded, unlike having to go the office where I have wake up early in the morning and get stuck in traffic and by the time I get to the office I have to refocus and start working. At home I just wake up, shower, and then start with my work. It increases my level of productivity and I get no distractions or pressure.”

What do you like about working at Saiba and what are the challenges?

“I used to hate admin work, but since I started working at Saiba I have put that behind me and I make sure that I assist the member from start to finish and I enjoy doing that.

“I can’t say that I have had difficulty with members, but a simple problem can become difficult as you help a member and at times a difficult problem can be easily solved.”

How can members better use the services offered by Saiba?

“Sometimes members do not fully grasp what Saiba offers and they can get confused, but we are here to guide them and they shouldn’t be afraid to ask. If we can’t answer their questions, then we will direct them to the people who can. We will never leave them in the dark.”

What do members feel are the best services offered by Saiba?

“Firstly, it is the professional designations, because that allows them to grow their careers and their practices. Once you have met all the professional requirements, you can advance your designation, moving from being a CA to a BAP or even CFO (SA). So Saiba allows you to reach your full potential and perform at your level best.

“The Saiba academy offers a lot of information and webinars to help increase members’ level of skills, giving them access to relevant information any time of the day.”  

Jarrod outside the work environment

“I am very accommodative of people and I am not judgemental. I create a channel to get to know people and find relatable space. I make a fun environment and always crack jokes. I love spending time with my family and friends. I am married, my wife used to be my underwriter and now we have a wonderful seven-year-old son who is intelligent and creative

“I enjoy gaming especially, X-Box, and I schedule time to play it whenever I can. My son plays cricket and I play with him every now and then and we watch cricket games together.”