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Why Shane Mashele jumped at the chance to secure a tax practitioner’s license through Saiba


When Shane Mashele BAP(SA) learned he could become a Licensed Tax Practitioner through Saiba, he jumped at the opportunity.

Shane decided to convert his years of experience as an financial manager into an entrepreneurial venture: he is a partner of a practice, called Vision Escort Inc., which has been growing in leaps and bounds – before and during the Covid lockdowns.

When Saiba announced it had received recognition as a controlling body, Shane was one of the first Saiba members to apply for the tax license, “I saw it as a great opportunity and jumped at it, being a Saiba member and getting recognition from them is important to my career and business as I am a service provider for various government projects and they need me to have a tax license. Although I was recognised as a SAIT tax practitioner, the Saiba tax license opened even bigger opportunities.”

Getting the license

As a BAP(SA), I applied for the license and, based on my experience, I was required to do one assessment. Knowing tax standards is essential when being assessed. After a few hours of refreshing my mind on the tax standards, I was able to take the assessment in under 30 minutes. Although you are given two chances, I was able to complete the assessment on the first try and it was easy.

I also learned that you cannot be a tax representative and tax practitioner at the same time. I submitted and waited for the feedback, and was happy to hear that I received the license.

What does this mean for your career?

The tax license will enable me to help my clients with their VAT registrations and assist them with their e-filing processes which are strict and complex. You need a tax license to complete the process.

My business was already doing well, but now (with a tax license) I can get more clients. I have the confidence to tell them that I can assist them with their tax matters and present a license for it. My clients will also find it easy to trust me with their tax matters.

What being a Saiba member means for you?

Saiba is a well-recognised professional body and it is throwing down a challenge to other bodies. I am proud to be on this side of the team because I know we are winning. Other accountants from other professional bodies are shaken by what BAPs are doing and becoming. In addition to being part of this great institution, the support that we receive from the regional WhatsApp groups is great. I have connected with several members from my region who assist me with issues that I might have and their problem solving is real-time and saves me the hassle of looking for help in other places.