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Women in accounting: Meet Melitta Jordaan BA(SA)


Melitta Jordaan has been part of the Saiba family since 2008, having started working in a factory as a bookkeeper years ago. She has worked her way up the accounting ladder, and now holds a national diploma in cost accounting, financial accounting and a diploma in computer studies. She later joined a small accounting firm in Port Elizabeth to fulfill her passion for helping small businesses grow and thrive.

Melitta Jordaan

Throughout her career, Melitta has learned valuable lessons on the importance of recovering from failure and never giving up, which she believes have helped her become who she is today. She enjoys learning new things and sees each challenge as an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

She is involved in charity work with Children Alliance, she also lends a helping hand by offering her financial knowledge and assistance for free to a training academy that she is part of with a business partner.

Having grown up in a different time, she says that opportunities for women in business are expanding. “Women have the ability and choice to become anything they want without limitation,” she says. “Women need to believe in themselves, and take failure as a learning curve and not feel like it is the end when they come across challenges.”

For Women’s Month, Melitta says that it should be a month that evokes the spirit of enterprise and success of women in business.

Melitta believes every woman should have a mentor and should network with groups that help women do better in business. She is a part of a women’s network that assists young women in business, and believes in passing on her knowledge to up-and-coming women entrepreneurs.

Like most accountants, Covid-19 has negatively impacted her practice. Most of her long-standing clients are skeptical about online accounting services.

Undeterred, she found a way that she could assist her clients from the comfort of their own homes in a way that did not require them to upload any of their documents online. She has been using Microsoft TeamViewer and Zoom and managed to get most of her clients comfortable in using it. and also getting them the service they needed.

Melitta sees Saiba as her professional home for her and says it has helped her career advancement. She has explained how being a part of the regional group chat has assisted her in getting a second opinion from a trusted professional, while being able to share ideas and ask for assistance at any time of the day.