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Women in accounting: Meet Roxanne Peneda BA(SA)


Starting a business may seem easy, but the challenges and sacrifices it takes to keep the business running require an investment of effort and dedication. In a conversation with Roxanne Peneda BA(SA) we got to understand that owning a business for over 10 years is not an easy task, certainly not during this pandemic. But somehow she has managed to do so.

With the lockdown affecting the country a lot had to change, and especially for businesswomen like Roxanne. Having to manage a practice, homeschool her children and do the daily household chores can be daunting. But she, like many women, seems to have amazing superpowers to manage being a mother, wife and professional accountant. Fortunately, she has a client base that understands the trying times we are in. They also know she offers a great service, because of the excellent relationship she has built with them for the past years.

Roxanne Peneda BA(SA)

Roxanne holds a B.Com accounting and an accounting honours degree specialising in tax from the University of Johannesburg. She started her career as a bookkeeper, but with a business plan in mind. She started her practice (Pfumo Tax and Accounting Service) in 2011, dealing with anything from bookkeeping to tax and accounting matters.

When asked what was the biggest highlight of her career, Roxanne proudly said: “Whenever a client comes in with massive tax debt, problems with their cash flow. I work towards helping them, when they are finally debt-free I make sure that they maintain that lifestyle and that makes me so happy. I see those moments as the biggest highlights in my career.”

Needless to say, Roxanne goes above and beyond the call of duty for her clients.

An accountant that cares more than balancing your books, keeps you out of debt and educates you on how to maintain your finances is an accountant worth having.

Roxanne believes that women have so much strength and ability to achieve whatever they put their minds to, and urges them to celebrate their achievements regardless of how little they might seem. Also, never to let themselves down because they are powerful beings with so much to offer.

She intends to impart the knowledge that she has about business to other accountants and to her clients. She wants to teach women not only how to start their businesses but how to keep it afloat, as well as the importance of managing the business and why it has to be done. She believes that the day-to-day running of a business is not difficult to teach but understanding the reason why it should be done is an important aspect that she feels needs to be taught to all people who have, or want to start, businesses.

Sharing knowledge and skills is a good foundation for any professional accountant, and it’s a path that women in business need to take. Saiba is proud to have such women like Roxanne.