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Women in accounting: meet Sam Nkabinde BA (SA)


We sat with aspiring Business Rescue Practitioner Samukelisiwe Nkabinde BA(SA) to get to know how she had been finding her feet in the accounting world. As a young woman who found her niche in the arts and media space, she is now expanding her horizons to take up business rescue assignments. But it was the discovery that media personalities had very little limited knowledge of finance that sparked an interest in her to bring her expertise to play.

“I was born and bred in Newcastle, KZN, in the township areas with my family. Even after so many years, it’s unfortunate that I still need to say ‘I made it out of the trap.’ The trap being mental captivity and slavery to what is perceived as cool or successful in such black communities. Be that as it may, it inspires me to do better not for myself but for my nieces, friends and neighbours that are residing here; that it is possible to live your wildest dreams even without a privileged background, we can be who we want to be.”

Sam, as she calls herself, is not only an accountant that has targeted the arts and media space. Beyond accounting, she is also a theatre practitioner and a writer during her spare time. When asked how an accountant can be a writer, she said that her urge to discover and find out how certain things work inspired the writer in her. She said after her discoveries, she would feel the need to write about it and that is how writing came to be.

With her practice growing, she is also interested in working with SMMEs, informal traders and small businesses. She is on the process of securing offices in Newcastle, her hometown. This is the place where she sees herself bringing change to the community and surrounding areas, through her personal philosophy of and ethical behaviour, which is at the core of the accounting profession.

Every business come across difficulties. For her, having to handle different departments of her practice poses a challenge. In her time off, she hikes, camps, and spends time with God is a way of dealing with difficult times. This form of therapy allows her to come back stronger.

The lockdown had some impact in her practice, mostly for the old clients who are more used to ‘paper accounting’. Having a lot of convincing to do, she has been working on converting these clients to cloud accounting. On the good side, this created an opportunity to sign up new clients. People who were starting businesses and seeking tax clearance were among the new clients signed up during lockdown.        

With the hope to expand, she plans to apply for designation as a Business Accountant in Practice BAP(SA) through Saiba. One of the many benefits that comes with the designation, and working with QuickBooks, is that it allows her to provide a more professional service to her clients. Being part of the Saiba family has helped her grow personally and professionally.

Sam intends on growing her practice and reaching her target market through advertising. As Saiba, we are more than ready to designate her and see her practice grow.