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Women in accounting: Meet Zanele Madlingozi BAP(SA)


Zanele Madlingozi BAP(SA) is a young woman on the rise. Born and raised in Port Elizabeth, Zanele is a member of Saiba who holds a national diploma and B.Tech in internal auditing from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Zanele is busy with her articles, an experience she says has made her realize that the accounting world is a fast-tracked environment that needs one to be able to manage their time effectively. She excelled at numeracy in high school, and now that she has settled into her accounting career, she finds it exciting and motivating and full of potential.

Zanele Madlingozi BAP(SA)

One year into her career, she has received recognition for always going the extra mile in her work. She believes that more is still to come as she works on finishing her articles and continuing her climb to the top of the career ladder.

Being a part of Saiba has played a big role in her career. When asked how being part of the Saiba community has assisted her, she says it gives her access to information and accounting advice from her regional WhatsApp group, making on the spot problem solving much easier. Once she completes her articles, she will register with saiba.academy to improve her qualification and further build her career.

When asked about the issues that she sees are being faced by women in her field, Zanele believes women are underrepresented. “There is a need for women in high positions to open doors and represent those that are below them. Women are not being recognised for their skills but their appearance and what they can offer men. This is a challenge that exists and is not being addressed and often women who are at the start of their careers come across these challenges,” she says.

This is what Women’s month means to her: “I believe that since the march of August 1956, the significance and power that existed is still there to this day. Women need to continue in that path that was set by the women of 1956. The power and determination to thrive should continue by applying it to current struggles that women face. The biggest weapon being standing and fighting together as women to help bring change in each other’s lives.”

Being a part of a pilot project that empowers women is one thing that Zanele does to ensure that those women who come after her do not face the same challenges that she did. The pilot project is designed to mentor women who have already started with their careers to learn how to mentor students/young women to help them improve their careers. She believes that once she has completed her training from the pilot project, she will use the skills and knowledge she gained to mentor and assist students who are still studying, thus paving a way for them to be better career women.

Apart from being an auditor, she offers her services to a construction company by assisting them with administrative duties. This also allows her to improve her skills and gain experience

Her personal philosophy: standing up for yourself, having integrity and most of all, having confidence and not being afraid to lead. These principles are what she is laying as a foundation for a successful career.