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Women in accounting: meet Nadine Chetty BAP (SA)


Young and successful, Nadine Chetty BAP (SA) and General Tax Practitioner (GTP) was born in Pietermaritzburg in KZN and moved to Pretoria in 2007 with her parents where she completed her high school studies. She enrolled to study a BSc in biological science, dropping out after half a year because she realised that it was not her passion. She then took a gap year and this helped her to discover what was to be her career: accounting.  

A regular customer at her dad’s laundromat happened to own a consulting company called Ecomm Accounting Solutions. He took her in and helped her develop her finance and accounting skills. She never saw herself working in the corporate world but had an interest in small businesses,something she took from her dad. She enrolled with UNISA for a BCom in financial management which took her five years to complete while balancing work and school.

After completing her studies, she received an offer to become a partner in the practice and without hesitation accepted it. Her work was made easier due to her ability to work with people, something she had loved doing since the beginning of her career. Nadine has been a Saiba member from the time she was a student.

Given her passion for accounting she decided to further her studies. She is now close to graduating with her Specialist Diploma as a Tax Professional. She is passionate about training and loves being around people. Being part of a small practice allows her to interact with their clients personally and offer them a personal-touch level of service. In this way, Nadine builds close bonds with her clients.

Being a young woman in the finance world, Nadine has achieved more than most women her age. She has been a guest on eNCA and Newzroom Africa, Cape Radio Talk and Wits FM; sharing her knowledge and expertise in the field of accounting. Another great achievement is that she has become part of the Trainer Writer network through QuickBooks SA and has been acknowledged as an Under 30 ambassador. Speaking at Saiba conferences has given Nadine a platform to share her knowledge and help businesses.  Nadine hopes to take it to the next level by starting a YouTube Channel to continue imparting her knowledge.

Nadine Chetty

Women empowerment is in dire need assistance and Ecomm Accounting Solutions has a passion for adopting young women and helping them improve their visibility as women in business. Taking them under her wing and exposing them to the same opportunities she enjoyed is part of helping women to build their careers. Nadine is also involved in helping young women who sell goods to sell online and reach a far bigger market through e-commerce.

Apart from excelling in business and helping other people, Nadine and her family also offer a helping hand to the poor. They raise funds amongst themselves to buy food and clothes every Thursday and Saturday in areas around Pretoria East. This is close to her heart and she finds it a great way to give back to the community. This has brought smiles to many families during this devastating Covid-19 pandemic.

When asked what difficulties she encountered as a woman in the business and accounting world, she says: “Being underestimated is a problem that a lot of women face in the business world. Women are not recognised until they start talking. Age also plays a role in being overlooked by other people in the same field of work.”

Nadine doesn’t believe in women being celebrated for a month or a day. She believes they should be celebrated daily. Juggling so many things, women have to have superpowers to make everything work. She believes that women should chase their goals and never letting a man pull them down, but should establish independence on her own. Women, she says, should put their hand up and be confident in themselves.  They should never wait to be empowered but instead empower themselves.

She believes that women are deserving of greater value and recognition, and sees her role going forward as helping them reach their maximum potential, appreciate their worth and be recognised as important as men in the work environment. Putting in effort and hard work will put women on the map. She is a firm advocate of “hard work pays off”.

by Ludzula Mukhuwana