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Young Internal Auditor of the Year award goes to 34 year-old Servest auditor


Thirty-four -year-old Nombuyiselo Shabangu walked away with the 2019 Young Internal Auditor of the Year award at the IIA SA (Institute of Internal Auditors South Africa) annual awards. The prize recognises internal auditors who are 35 years of age or younger and have displayed exponential growth in the internal auditing profession. Shabangu is Servest’s head of internal audit and risk.

Nombuyiselo Shabangu, head of internal audit and risk at Servest, walked away with the 2019 Young Internal Auditor of the Year award at the IIA SA annual awards

Among other criteria for the Young Internal Auditor award, nominees must demonstrate commitment to the IPPF, display exponential growth in the internal auditing profession, and contribute to the understanding and acceptance of internal audit – showcasing a strong track record in generating ideas for improvement in the sector.

The award recognises young ambassadors for internal audit who have established robust methods of managing information and who display a high level of integrity, promotion of an ethical culture, and a commitment to the IIA SA values of integrity, respect, collaboration, courage and collective accountability.

Speaking about winning the award, Shabangu says the journey to where she is today has been a very challenging one.

In 2007, she was accepted to study a BComm Accounting degree at the University of Pretoria, as her Maths marks were always good, and the university had accepted her based on her Grade 11 marks. Unfortunately, in her matric year she failed Maths and lost the acceptance, however, she still had a place in the University’s residence. Instead of her mother allowing her to go back home as she no longer had a field of study, she insisted that she stays at the university and uses the opportunity to figure something out. It was not an easy first year, she eventually managed to get a place to study Internal Audit – and she has never looked back. In 2010, she went on to pursue a BCom Honours in Internal Auditing.

Highlighting the importance of the award, she says, “As a single mother, often I restrict myself to what I can do and how far I can go, but this award has empowered me to realise that my potential is limitless.”

The institute of IIA SA is part of an international network representing the interests of internal auditors globally and plays a critical role in driving global standards of professionalism and ethics in the sector. The IIA SA awards recognise and reward excellence and professionalism in internal audit, hoping to attract and retain high calibre members to the profession and motivate members towards continual improvement.

The vision of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) South Africa is to enhance the integrity, relevance and standing of the profession and the Institute to the benefit of society and to provide outstanding service and valued products to its members.

The organisation’s purpose is to create, cultivate and maintain a cohesive, vibrant and committed community of internal auditors to ensure the professionalisation of internal audit and protect the interests of the internal audit profession in South Africa.