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‘You’re never too old to learn’ says Saiba’s Jenny Grimmer


There’s an old adage that says “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” – but that does not apply to Jenny Grimmer. It just so happens that Jenny is a long-time dog-lover and frequently helps out at the local animal shelter.

Jenny heads up the Learning Management System (LMS) administrator and CPD liaison at Saiba, which puts her in charge of the Saiba Academy.

“I was born in Pinetown, Durban. I am the last of three sisters and the only remaining child. As a child, I always got away with everything and I was the apple of my Dad’s eye. I did my entire schooling in Pinetown; I was a small-town girl. In 1995 I moved to Johannesburg and that is where my career journey started.”

For the first six years in Johannesburg, Jenny worked at RCI and her position allowed her to travel locally. She moved to Sybase, and for 10 years she worked as PA in the marketing department and she had the chance to travel internationally to countries like Egypt, Singapore, and Zanzibar. Her PA role shifted to marketing, even more, when she moved to Telkom.

“I am a people’s person and I love meeting new people and learning about them, so I could do that very easily with my position,” says Jenny.

She joined Saiba in January 2019 as marketing and events coordinator. She recalls her transition from a big environment to a small one (Saiba): “It was a big change and I had to adjust. But after a while, I loved it because I could be a part of the company’s growth and have an impact.”

Currently, Jenny’s position as LMS administrator and CPD liaison gives her responsibility to assist members to advance their knowledge and careers. This requires her to maintain the Saiba Academy, update events on the site and attend to queries using the new Saiba Academy ticket system.

She considers Saiba Academy as one of the best services that Saiba offers its members, as it is user friendly and constantly improving to meet the members’ needs (and it also open to suggestions and improvements from members). “I am learning new systems and how to operate them. What I have discovered is that you are never too old to learn something new,” she says.

Outside the Saiba family, Jenny is involved with animal rescue and helps the local animal shelter whenever she has time. She also adopted some of the animals, her house is now home to three dogs and three cats. ‘they get along with each other very well’ she added.

When asked what she values most, it is without hesitation her family. “I talk to my mother daily, since she lives in the UK. Having lost both my sisters made me value the people close to me now more than ever.”

Jenny is Saiba’s crusader for ongoing learning to keep oneself up to standard by acquiring new skills and continuous improvement.