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Accounting Weekly is a dedicated news portal for accounting and finance professionals. The daily updates provide news and information with a distinct accounting flavour. Its approach is both local and global, featuring developments within economies, industries and in practice – ranging from the big four to smaller firms. Other information include updates in information technology, regulation and financial reporting.

Accounting Weekly features top-quality curated and original con­tent to showcase journal­istic savvy and industry expertise. It’s aim is to inspire, inform and educate its readers. The purpose is also to provide legal or technical opinions or guidelines.

The site was launched in 2015 by the Southern African Institute of Business Accountants (Saiba), and is alligned with education and training providers – the SA Accounting Academy (SAAA) and AcademyOne and is closely associated with NGOassist. 

We welcome contributions showcasing developments within the accounting and finance profession in South Africa and abroad including practice management, product launches, profiles, book reviews, technology updates and thought leadership pieces.

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